Dick DeVos, the Man Who Gives With an Open Heart

Giving is godly, a quality possessed by only a few of us. Dick DeVos is one full-time giver who throughout his lifetime has made sure that the underprivileged members of society get attention. Born from a wealthy background, Dick has not let his family’s wealth get over his head. As a result, he has helped children from low-income families get something meaningful out of their lives thus restoring a hope that was previously non-existent. As a 61-year-old who lives in Grand Rapids, Dick has been able to take responsibility of Windquest Group for more than a decade. As it so happens, Mr. DeVos has also had the opportunity of working for the Amway Corporation, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Willow Creek Association, Orlando Magic & Amway Center in the capacities of a president, chairman, vice chairman, CEO, and vice president.



In his lifetime, Dick DeVos has funneled most of his philanthropic efforts to education. With his wife Betsy, the duo has been able to transform the educational landscape of America. Apart from political donations, Dick DeVos has contributed a lot of funds to education. By the assistance of close family members, Dick has been able to provide close to $139 million to philanthropic courses. Most of the funds have come as a realization through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, an organization meant to give better services to the people. As a high profile citizen, Mr. DeVos has had deep involvements in matters regarding politics, primarily supporting the Republicans. Dick together with his extended family has given out more than $1 billion in philanthropy. To this end, the DeVos Family has been ranked by Forbes magazine at position 24.



Since education is Dick’s top priority, he has been able to support educational causes and groups from across the United States of America. Through time, Dick has helped initiate reforms that center on education thus enabling children born from certain zip codes to have a shot at accessing high-ranking learning facilities in the country. It is because of an individual like Dick that the education system in America is yet to see better days. Dick DeVos has supported programs that nurture young leaders, as well as had a hand in the success of art students across the country. Due to Dick’s highly accommodating nature, he has been able to show the world that people can also succeed by exploiting their gifts and talents fully. Dick and Betsy DeVos have rallied their financial support behind Christian institutions as well as schools that prove to be accountable for all their actions. Currently, Dick DeVos is a happy man having given young people a platform from which to advance their livelihoods. Thanks to Dick, the quality of education in America has improved tremendously.




Tony Petrello’s Contribution Towards The Neurological Research Institute At Texas Children’s Hospital

Anthony Petrello is the president and CEO of Nabors Industries. He is also a member of Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees. Antony and his wife, Cynthia, donated $5 million and pledged $7 million in a fundraising effort to support a research initiative for kids with neurological diseases at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Their philanthropy is inspired by adversity. Caren, the couple’s eight-year old daughter, suffers from periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). She was diagnosed with the disease, common in infants, at birth. The neurological disease, which is brought about by lack of oxygen and/or blood flow to the brain, caused cerebral palsy and other delayed developmental issues to Caren. After numerous repetitions, their daughter has mastered how to chew food. She is also learning how to walk.

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Anthony Petrello understands the frustration of parents living with kids suffering from neurological diseases. Recently, he conducted a research on different pediatric institutions across the country. Petrello learnt that parents would go out of the way if they were assured half a chance of their kids’ recovery. He realized that something needed to be done to rescue the situation. To demonstrate their commitment to helping other parents cope with these diseases, the couple decided to support the Neurological Research Institute (NRI) at Texas Children’s Center where their daughter is receiving treatment. Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine developed NRI to foster research collaboration of between 30 and 40 faculties, clinicians and scientists. They seek to develop treatments for neurological diseases in children.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries, the largest drilling contractor worldwide, in 1991. He was appointed to serve as a member of the board of directors. In addition, Tony serves as the chairperson of the executive committee of the board. Over the years, he has held several positions in the company, including being the chief operating officer and deputy chairman. He is in charge of developing strategic plans that enable the company to thrive in the highly competitive industry. Tony is also a director of Hilcorp Energy and Stewart & Stevenson LLC. At Baker & McKenzie’s New York office, the executive served as a managing partner.