Trabucos And Their History

War and violence is as important to human history as communication or food. Whether its the the stone age with spears or bows and modern times with heat-seeking scopes and atomic warfare. The Trabuco is a huge part of weapon history. The whole catapult concept worked a slingshot that could destroy walls with huge rocks.

The weapon came about from the middle ages. Its Origins according to were rooted in China and used throughout the middle-age. At the time, this was a scary weapon. A foundation or Fortress could be the one thing that was protecting an army. With a Trabuco destroying that Fortress, they could suddenly have a massive disadvantage to their opposition. The Trabuco was not a difficult mechanism to manufacture and became popular due to that fact. Unlike, other mechanisms, it could launch projectiles from a much higher distance.


The reason why it was effective was due to the transformation of potential energy into kinetic energy. By keeping the stone or shot, in a place to a position of power, then launching with keeping as much energy as possible. The very first Trabuco was operated by a group of humans. Military commander, Wu Jing Yao de Zong used a Trabuco and commanded more than 250 men to operate on multiple mechanisms. The stone weighed 140 pounds, which is about the weight of a small adult human being. The density of a stone ball for its size is able to make a damaging impact.

In its time it could launch around 4 shots a minute which, isn’t terrible compared to today’s war technology. The mechanism isn’t perfect, its difficult for many people to manage, especially with commmunication issues on It is also hard to have consistency, people wouldn’t pull the strings with the same power. At the worst, the lack of power could create friendly-fire situations on the battlefield. Also, new technology in even in the 1700s-1800s had cannons that were more accurate, consistent and only required one person to operate it. That is not to downplay the Trabuco though. At its time it was a huge advance in middle-age warfare.

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