Rocketship Education: The Truth about This Kind of Education

A recent article has been published by the Washington Monthly in response to an NPR article about Rocketship Education. “NPR’s Deeply Unbalanced Profile of Rocketship Charter Schools” takes the time to point out some of the gross inaccuracies that are present in the NPR profile of Rocketship Education. One of the biggest problems that the author seems to have with the article is that the journalists chose the word company to describe Rocketship Education. For many people who send their children to Rocketship schools, this is a gross simplification of the entire process. The journalists who wrote the information defends this classification by saying that it is a group of individuals and points out that even though it has a nonprofit status it is still subject to the whims of the business world.

As far as institutions go, Rocketship Education has been dedicated to serving their students for quite some time. They began in 2006 and have serviced the
underprivileged part of the student population on a nonprofit basis since then. The organization has received a lot of slack and because they are simply a charter-school. Many charter schools are coming under fire with the increase in interest that they have started to generate. While many people are scared of losing the public-schools of their past it is important to understand that the concept of education is ever evolving. More information can be found about Rocketship Education on their website.The reason why this is such a discouraging article about Rocketship Education is that it is being held to standards that are unrealistic. Many of the problems that the journalist has with Rocketship Education they could also have with the public-school system. Instead of placing at their site squarely on Rocketship Education they need to look at the field of education as a whole. Even though public-school systems are not subject to the overt whims of business they are still in the process of securing funds and other types of support for their student base. They do not operate simply for the benefit of their children’s education either. This standard that the journalist is seeking to put Rocketship Education up against does not exist.