What You Need to Know About GreenSky

GreenSky Bluegrass is a mixed genre band combining American bluegrass and Country. The five-member band formed during 2000 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Michael Bont (banjo), Dave Bruzza (guitar) and Paul Hoffman (mandolin) initially started the band and used inspiration from a variety of influences and musical backgrounds. GreenSky released their first album Less than Supper in 2004, by teaming up with Al Bates and Chris Carr, who both left soon after. Mike Devol (upright bass) became the fourth long-term member of the band in late 2004 after approaching GreenSky for a management role. Together with the fifth and final member, Anders Beck (dobro), they won the Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition in mid-2006 and released their second album, Tuesday Letter, that fall.

They continued to release albums yearly under the Big Blue Zoo label until 2011, kicking off with Live at Bell’s and Five Interstates. All Access Vol. 1 and All Access Vol. 2 released in 2009 and 2010, and Handguns released in 2011. GreenSky’s fifth album, If Sorrows Swim, released three years later and was a Number One debut on the Billboard Bluegrass chart. Shouted, Written Down & Quoted is their most recent album, which released in late 2016.

The five band members continue to perform as many as 175 shows per year and have managed to top headlines at iconic venues such as Red Rocks. Despite remaining an independent act, GreenSky Bluegrass has achieved the success expected of a major-label act. The songs released by the band showcases a group whose individual talents strike the perfect balance. The feel of their albums are ever changing, taking listeners on a different roller coaster with each new album they release.