CloudWick And The Versatile Data Lake

As cyber criminals become more and more sophisticated in how they steal data, disable systems, and perform other acts that cripple businesses and organizations, cyber security has become a vital component of many businesses big and small. However, most of these businesses and organizations have little if any idea how to go about combating these online criminals. To help with this, they often turn to companies specializing in solutions to these problems, such as CloudWick.

At CloudWick, teams of engineers, data scientists, and others work on a variety of solutions to today’s most common and complex problems associated with cyber security. One of these is the data lake, which has proven to be very effective for many companies. Able to safely and securely obtain data from numerous sources, including virtual, machine, cloud, and network, the data lake can offer many advantages to companies. By being able to get data from multiple sources, it can quickly and easily reduce the costs and complexities that often go along with secure data storage. Along with this, it can consolidate and modernize a company’s data storage capabilities, since data can be stored either in a cloud or on-premises.

In addition to this, the data lake can also secure data in ways that ensure companies and organizations are in full compliance with all state and federal regulations. To do this, it can use custom dashboards that offer complete transparency and visibility, enabling regulators and others overseeing this area of data storage to make sure all metadata is in a secure platform.

While all of these reasons are very important, it is also crucial that CloudWick make sure a company can be quickly alerted to potential system damage and data attempting to be stolen. To do so, CloudWick equips the data lake with state-of-the-art technology that enables it to integrate with IDS/IPS and SIEM, allowing for quick one-click searches and correlations. Because of this, alert, event, and threat answers can be gathered and analyzed much faster, enabling data scientists and engineers to take appropriate actions to keep the systems and data safe from cyber criminals.