CloudWick And The Versatile Data Lake

As cyber criminals become more and more sophisticated in how they steal data, disable systems, and perform other acts that cripple businesses and organizations, cyber security has become a vital component of many businesses big and small. However, most of these businesses and organizations have little if any idea how to go about combating these online criminals. To help with this, they often turn to companies specializing in solutions to these problems, such as CloudWick.

At CloudWick, teams of engineers, data scientists, and others work on a variety of solutions to today’s most common and complex problems associated with cyber security. One of these is the data lake, which has proven to be very effective for many companies. Able to safely and securely obtain data from numerous sources, including virtual, machine, cloud, and network, the data lake can offer many advantages to companies. By being able to get data from multiple sources, it can quickly and easily reduce the costs and complexities that often go along with secure data storage. Along with this, it can consolidate and modernize a company’s data storage capabilities, since data can be stored either in a cloud or on-premises.

In addition to this, the data lake can also secure data in ways that ensure companies and organizations are in full compliance with all state and federal regulations. To do this, it can use custom dashboards that offer complete transparency and visibility, enabling regulators and others overseeing this area of data storage to make sure all metadata is in a secure platform.

While all of these reasons are very important, it is also crucial that CloudWick make sure a company can be quickly alerted to potential system damage and data attempting to be stolen. To do so, CloudWick equips the data lake with state-of-the-art technology that enables it to integrate with IDS/IPS and SIEM, allowing for quick one-click searches and correlations. Because of this, alert, event, and threat answers can be gathered and analyzed much faster, enabling data scientists and engineers to take appropriate actions to keep the systems and data safe from cyber criminals.

David Zalik spots diamond in rough, creates highly successful GreenSky Credit

David Zalik is a name that most people are not familiar with. And that has been largely by design. The 44-year-old fintech executive is one of the most spotlight-shunning figures in the upper echelons of the business world. Zalik, in fact, had not even given a single interview to the business press until just last year.

Yet, the remarkable entrepreneur has a storied past. He immigrated to the United States from Israel with his family at the age of just four. In school, Zalik quickly proved to be a formidable prodigy, quickly breezing through grade after grade, doing things in a couple of years that normally takes other students over a decade. By the age of 12, he had graduated from high school with many advanced credits.

Zalik was personally invited to attend Auburn University, an offer that he accepted. However, Zalik found academic life to be stifling. By the age of 14, he was already itching to do something of substance in the real world. He dropped out and formed his first company, computer manufacturer MicroTech.

Zalik proved to be as astute a businessman as he had been a student. He grew MicroTech at a solid pace even as he was unable to personally enter into many contracts due to his age. By the time he had reached age 22, MicroTech was being actively sought by a number of larger firms. Zalik sold the company for $5 million.

He parlayed that into commercial real estate where he also did well. By the age of 32, Zalik was in a position to start GreenSky Credit, a company dedicated to providing loans at the retail level for big-ticket items. The idea for GreenSky came to Zalik when he was working with some of the largest home improvement contractors in the country as a routine part of another one of his businesses. Zalik spotted a huge opportunity involving extending instant loans at the point of sale. And this was the impetus behind GreenSky.

Today, GreenSky is one of the most successful firms in the fintech sector and is worth an estimated $5 billion.

Robert Ivy: The Versatile Leader With Style

Professional societies play a major role in bridging the knowledge gaps in the professional world that the school training and on the job training does not offer. The perks of joining a professional organization include getting chances to network with people in the same field, gaining access to educational programs and the chance to build credibility through competing for award in the industry and taking on different leadership opportunities.

The professional associations always provide information to benefit their members through newsletters, webinars and on their websites. This information is crucial for members of the association especially those who are new to the professions. Annual conferences hosted by professional organizations bring together workers which enables the workers to meet their peers and leaders. Such conferences often result in informal connections that help the members of the organization to learn more about job opportunities within the organization. Find out more about Robert on Tulane School of Architecture.

According to Robert Ivy, executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects, architects may be small in number but they still have a strong voice. He states that Architects have an advocacy organization that was able to affect the tax legislation. Robert Ivy is a renowned architect and he is also the first one to win the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.

Some industries believe that being a member of an organization provides credibility. Membership in a professional organization is an indicator of one’s commitment to the profession and allows one to keep up to date with new developments in the profession. Robert Ivy believes that the code of ethics in the AIA holds the members accountable and guides the members to uphold values that the organization stands for.

The professional association that one chooses to join is very important for the development of one’s career path. Some workers may benefit by joining more than one association as it is dependent on the job functions and the industry. Robert Ivy who is an architect, author, editor and a teacher of the architectural profession has had several leadership roles in different professional associations. This includes being an editor in chief for Architectural record and Vice President .  Visit:  


Shervin Pishevar says irresponsible U.S. fiscal and monetary policies could drive surge in municipal bankruptcies

drive surge in municipal bankruptcies

Shervin Pishevar has built a career on his in-depth financial expertise. The entrepreneur and venture capitalist has spent the last 20 years building companies from the ground up and providing the early-round financing to help others do the same. Through his venture capital firm, Investment company, Shervin Pishevar has helped to launch some of the biggest names in the tech industry, including Virgin Hyperloop, Uber and Airbnb.

But it is in the realm of social media that Shervin Pishevar is gaining the widest audience. With a Twitter feed that features more than 100,000 followers, Shervin Pishevar is among the most influential figures in the world of tech. In a recent 21-hour tweet storm, he unleashed a number of diatribes against the irresponsible policies of both the Federal Reserve as well as the federal government itself, warning about the long-term consequences of fiscal and monetary carelessness.

Bankruptcy looms for Chicago, Hartford

Shervin Pishevar argues that one of the biggest impending crises that no one ever talks about is the looming bankruptcy of Chicago, one of the biggest cities in the United States in terms of its economy. While Pishevar says that the crisis currently unfolding in Chicago can be squarely blamed on the towering recklessness of years of Democratic rule, he says that a large part of the city’s problems can also be traced back to the crazy policies of the Fed.

Pishevar says that cities like Chicago have been unable to realize the gains they had projected throughout the last decade with respect to debt investments. This is because the Federal Reserve has artificially suppressed interest rates to such an extent that saving money has become almost financial anathema.

Pishevar says that city pension funds have now missed years and years of compounding and are sinking ever further behind, causing unfunded liabilities to mount and hurling Chicago teacher, police and firefighter pension funds towards the brink of insolvency. At the same time, he says that attempts to tax their way out of the crisis are not likely to go well as taxpayers will quickly realize that paying current dollars for past obligations are not adding anything to their lives.

How Infinity Group Australia Made it to the List of the Most Innovative Companies.

Graeme Holm in partnership wife, Rebecca Walker, established Infinity Group Australia in 2013. This Company has managed to be among the best and highest ranked debt collectors across Australia. The company has assisted many people in Australia in improving their finances, reducing debt, and securing their future. In just five years since the company was launched, Infinity Group Australia has appeared in the 2018 list of the Most Innovative Companies. AFR, Australian Financial Review did this ranking. This year’s listing is the seventh to be done by AFR, and it covers companies in New Zealand and Australia. Previously, the annual list was called BRW Most Innovative Company, and it’s the only cross-industry kind of a record. The file contains 100 entrants and reaches an audience estimated at over 1.8 million readers of the Financial Review. Check the Infinity Group Australia reviews.


A leading Australian innovation consultancy called Inventum is the one that compiled the list in conjunction with other judges together with a panel of experts in the industry. During submission, Infinity Group Australia and the other entrants were supposed to explain how they solve the problems as forwarded by their clients, how their solutions are unique, and whether they are of high quality. Additionally, the entrants were also supposed to show their importance in today’s world and discuss their resources, processes, strategies, and innovations. Inventum had a list of 1000 companies from Australia and New Zealand of which they had to choose the best 100. Infinity Group Australia emerged 58th overall in the most innovative companies’ list awards’ night of 30th July 2018. Graeme Holm was present and accepted the honor.


Infinity Group Australia helps Australians to reach their financial goals and secure their future by supporting them clear their debts quickly. According to Holm, once the loan application process is through, the clients sits back and waits for the company to do the rest. He adds that the company provides the client with a personal banker whose aim is to help them pay the loan quickly. Graeme points out that the company has helped many Australian residents repay their loans in three months instead of 12 months as they were used to before. Learn more:


Infinity Group Australia has been an asset to many individuals, and its importance cannot be ignored. It has helped many investors and entrepreneurs to meet their financial goals and objectives. Have a look at Infinity Group Australia reviews for more detailed information.