Fortress Investment Group’s two decades of outstanding performance

Founded in 1998 as a private equity company, Fortress Investment Group has been on the lead as indicated in the company’s 2007 IPO when it went public as the largest private equity firm in the New York SE. Currently, Fortress Investment Group is a branch out investment management firm directing more than$43 billion assets on behalf of the 1,750 investors internationally in permanent capital vehicles, hedge funds, and private equity. The company has its central offices in New York and with a staff of more than 900 people. The company has three main principals; Randal Nordone who is in the New York Head Quarter offices together with Wes Edens and Peter Briger who is based in the San Francisco offices. Visit

Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman were the co-founders, but later on, in 2012 Robert Kauffman retired and left the company ownership to Wes Edens and Nordone who currently serves as Principals. The founder is well experienced in the world of finance with experience obtained from UBS, Lehman Brothers, Blackrock Financial Management, and Goldman Sachs. The three came together with the aim of creating a different type of investment firm where there is “Alternative-Asset” technique utilization in that increased the private equity and invested the same into cutting-edge automobiles. With vast experience in the industry, the company’s asset management significantly increased from $400 million to three point nine billion in five years. As at 2007, the assets being managed were worth $32.6 billion.

Fortress Investment Group has specialized in operation management, asset-based management, capital market, corporate mergers and purchase, asset-based investment as well as knowledge with regards to a specific sector in a company.

Fortress Investment Group is dedicated to offering the best services to their clients by having the best-experienced people as staff. In 2002, the company added two major key players in the management of the company. Michael Novogratz joined the company as a funds manager and later left the company in 2015 to join the cryptocurrency world. Peter Briger joined the company as well as a principal to propel the company forward with his 15-years’ experience in Finance.


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