Madison Street Capital Aids Sachs Capital Group In Deal

The Madison Street Capital reputation is one of a notable international investment firm that has been well earned through years of diligent and hard work. Most recently, Madison Street Capital had the opportunity to serve as an exclusive advisor to the Sachs Capital Group as the company took on RMG Networks to a private status.


The deal was financed by both Virgo Capital and Merion Investment Partners. Once the deal was completed, the CEO of Sachs Capital Group put out a complimentary statement citing that Madison Street Capital’s guidance and relationships were crucial in the success of Sachs Capital Group and the acquisition. The transaction itself was quite an interesting one, RMG Networks were in a prime position to lock in huge growth opportunities through their newly introduced digital signage and communication platform, Korbyt. As the transaction smoothly closed, the stockholders in RMG received $1.29 per share they had owned and now RMG’s stock is no longer publicly traded, but is instead a private holding. Sachs Capital Group is an investment firm that offers long term capital in controlled operating situations. Their disciplined tactics and strong history of focus made them an ideal candidate for RMG to call on to take their company from the public to the private sector.


Madison Street Capital is an investment business that has worked to build strong bonds, both through their work and within their communities, for years. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with offices all across North America, Asia and Africa. Madison Street Capital uses their professionals years of combined service to offer a wide array of financial services including valuation and M&A services for hedge funds, middle market investment banking, restructuring services, both the buying and selling sides of services for private equity, and much more. Their incredible list of experience and work in a diverse range of industries allows them to tackle a wide array of financial demands.


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