Beautfiful EOS lips

The reviews are in for EOS lip balm! First of all to know why a lip balm works you have to know the ingredients that are in it. This first ingredient which soaks and seeps into the skin and lip the most is olive oil. Then there is beeswax, coconut oil, seed oil, natural flavoring, fruit extract ( for whatever flavor it is )leaf extract, ethanol, its packed with antioxidant rich vitamin E, and has soothing shea butter and jojoba oil( which is an oil that mimics your skins natural oils). This balm is one 100% natural. Its also paraben and petrolatum free. It even has a USD organic seal for being 95% organic. This formula is great for sensitive skin and the balm is gluten free for people who have gluten problems. Its even made in the U.S.A.

The next thing that’s important is the packaging its creative, really cute fun and unique. You can get EOS in a regular lip balm container but you get a really fun egg shaped one that you can just simply throw I your purse and go when in a rush. The packaging is made in an egg shape because its supposed to cover both parts of the lip top and bottom. Also the coloring of the package depends on the flavor you get. When applied the balm sinks into the lip and skin moisturizing every possible angle of your lips. You have to re apply the balm a bit more often but the results are amazing with soft lush lips toward the end of the day. This balm keeps lips from cracking or peeling in the sun, while being amazing for the skin and keeping lips ,soft, perky,and moisturized ,with a creative packaging idea and a lot of flavors to choose from.

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