Shaping Of the Modern Man With Ryan Seacrest

Most everyone today is familiar with Ryan Seacrest, but the man behind the scenes may come as a surprise. From hosting and co-hosting shows and podcasts such as American Idol, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and On Air with Ryan, to designing clothing and skincare products for his Distinction and Polish lines, there’s no denying that he’s a busy man. He’s even managed to find the time to create the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which dedicates its efforts to inspiring youth with entertainment and education initiatives. How does one maintain under such public scrutiny and high demand though?

For radio show host Ryan Seacrest, it’s all about compartmentalizing and prioritizing. From the smallest detail, to sealing the deal, all must coincide and complement throughout the day. Prepping for his morning training session requires a strict balance of matcha and coffee, after the usual morning shower, shave, etc. These days Seacrest finds himself more upfront about his training habits, which he used to perform in secret during his lunch breaks. He says there was a level of guilt over the fact that this time in which he dedicated to personal health fell within business hours. These days he has come to terms with his heavy workout routine being an essential component for his success, going as far as hiring and bringing a personal trainer along with him to the Bahamas for a taping of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Another part of producer Ryan Seacrest’s secret to daily success is to know limits while working within constraints, and being consistent in conversational exchanges. Learning how to discipline himself to place everything within its respective ranking in queue has taken some time, but it appears he’s worked out the kinks. Instead of upholding the mentality that everything must be addressed in the order in which it came immediately, he’s now setting the afternoons for such matters that require a bit more strategic planning for the long term, like interview requests. Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) also credits successfully communication based off his use of the three magic words, “Yes” and “Got it.”

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