Fabletics: Changing the Game of Athletic Wear

Fabletics is taking on Amazon in a big way. The company has grown from a niche startup provider of athletic wear to a household name. Fabletics is spearheaded by actress and fitness enthusiast Kate Hudson and the well-known brand Techstyle Group LLC. The company founded Fabletics with the goal of providing high-quality athletic wear at a moderate cost.


At the time Fabletics was founded there were only three choices when it came to athletic wear, and none of those choices seemed to meet the needs of modern women. The first were extremely expensive athletic wear pieces that often lacked originality. Women who bought them would typically show up to a spin class or a yoga class wearing almost identical outfits that they had paid upwards of $200 to acquire. The second was a collective of companies that made trendy athletic wear outfits that were very poorly made. These pieces of athletic wear lasted barely a few washes before stitching started to unravel and didn’t hold their form after just a few workouts. The final type of workout wear was one that was purely functional. Muted colors and basic form made these pieces excellent for working out, but showed no originality and were completely made to be purely functional in nature.


Fabletics sought to change all of that. The company wanted to take the best elements of all three of the modern athletic wear and make it available to women everywhere. Fabletics chose to take the best material for the athletic wear and ensure it would last long term as well as hold its form and shape for each woman who became a member. Fabletics also chose to incorporate the latest and greatest styles to ensure that every piece of athletic wear they put out would be trendy enough to wear from the gym to a bunch or dinner. Fabletics also worked to make sure that the pieces were sturdy enough for any sport, even a triathlon.


By crafting the workout gear in such a specific way, Fabletics has become the go-to name in athletic wear. The company has broken barriers and has gained over 1.4 million loyal members that receive a monthly outfit of athletic wear. It is great to see a company rise to quickly and so prominently. Kate Hudson herself said that she only commits to brands she feels truly loyal to and Fabletics is one of those. She wears Fabletics on a daily basis and feels a passion for the athletic wear brand.

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