George Street Photo and Video Experts in New York City

A photo session is the only part of a wedding ceremony that makes the memory of those beautiful moments fresh even after many years. Do you want to document your memorable moments in stylish photos? George Street Photo and Video are experts in photography and video coverage, and they have been offering services to their customers in New York City for more than ten years.

The experts will guide and give you several coverage options for you to choose what fits you. Disclose your wedding venue and see if George Street Photo and video has ever taken photos from that place. You will also be free to choose a photographer of your choice according to the photos album that appeals to you most.

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Better Investing For Better Retirement

Warren Buffett did something amazing recently. Mr. Buffett made a huge wager of $1 million dollars that he can get better investment returns than an experienced group of hedge fund managers. Warren Buffett will do this by investing in S&P 500 index funds. The wager will end later in the year and Warren Buffett looks like the winner so far. If Warren Buffett wins, he will give his $1 million in winnings to the charity of his choice.

Warren Buffett thinks that they are too many subpar funds that ultimately shortchange the investors they serve. He believes that simple, low-cost investments are good for investors and should be held for the long term. Warren Buffett calls it bottom-up investing. Bottom-up investing is the approach of building a strong portfolio and analyzing companies. This approach leads to accumulating more money over time. Warren Buffett believes that Americans should invest more and save more for retirement.

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Many people are moving away from the belief that passive index funds are the safer alternative for saving for retirement. Passive index funds don’t provide any security when it comes to a down market. Many investors have the unfortunate task of losing their investment in a market downturn.

Timothy Armour is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Capital Group. He also serves as the Principal Executive Officer and Chairman of the Capital Research and Management Company. Timothy Armour is also a part of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee, as the chairman.

Tim Armour has 34 years of experience in investments. For those 34 years, he has only worked with Capital Group. In the beginning of this career, he was an equity investment analyst. He was responsible for global telecommunications and United States service companies. Timothy Armour is based in Los Angeles. He has a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College, in Economics.

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EOS Lip Balm Is a Great Choice For Moisturizing Your Lips

It is highly imperative for every individual to know that their health and well-being should be considered to be their number one priority. Many people are not necessarily placing as much importance on their health as they should, and as a result, end up suffering later on in life.

Perhaps one aspect of health and well-being that is often overlooked is the conditions of one’s lips. Yes, you read correct. The conditions of one’s lips can have a considerable amount of effects on their health and well-being. By keeping one’s lips moisturized on a regular basis, an individual can have assurance of knowing that they will not be losing any unnecessary levels of blood due to dry and cracked lips. Not only can an individual potentially lose blood from having dried and cracked lips, but they can also experience a tremendous amount of pain from it. Unfortunately, there are many people who are not necessarily placing as much importance on the conditions of their lips as they should, therefore, it is highly recommended for them to know exactly what products are beneficial for them and which ones are worth investing in. EOS lip balm is one that has been well-renowned as being a great choice of lip balm, as it has surpassed both Chapstick and Blistex in sales, both of which have existed for much longer. EOS lip balm is made with ingredients that are absolutely safe and healthy, thus, making it a great option for anyone who may be concerned with whether or not it is something that could be detrimental to their health. They should know that in no way will it harm their health, thus, making it a great investment choice. Next time you visit a Kohls or Ulta beauty store for lip balm, be sure to look for EOS lip balm.

End Citizens United Donation Forecast Reachable for Campaign Finance Reform

In 2015, End Citizens United began its grass roots efforts by focusing on a mission of eliminating the current political process, for non-transparency of campaign finance.


The political action committee’s (PAC) stern approach to bringing reform needed a wide-range of support; from petitioners to political power forces themselves. In order for this mission to occur, End Citizens United needed to raise an enormous amount of donations.


In an astounding conquest, End Citizens United rapidly raised $4 million within the first year, with a forecast contribution of $35 million before the 2018 mid-term elections. With an average of $12 contributions, End Citizens United began an uphill battle only to surpass each milestone by reaching an estimated $25 million to date. This accomplishment confirms the ability, for End Citizens United to get the voices of the people into the political system, one donation and one voice at a time.


End Citizens United’s fight, for transparency of the political system, and against corporation and billionaire contributions, is well on its way to victory. The organization is standing by its belief that the political process has become rigged and politicians are being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Supporters and petitioners are standing right alongside End Citizens United with as little as five dollar donations. The organizations call-to-action is being heard far and wide among the voters.


With the 2018 elections just a short time away, politicians are well-aware of the expectations voters are holding for reform. Those politicians who commit to End Citizens United, that campaign reform will become a reality, will be in a more-favorable position for re-election. End Citizens United’s power is on the rise, and their momentum has already started to take notice by liberal politicians who have the most to lose.


The U.S. Supreme Court made its 2010 decision with Citizens vs. F.E.C., and End Citizens United says the decision effectively left the political system vulnerable to an opened-ended financial pit-fall, with no end in sight. End Citizens United has formed great alliances within the political power structure and gained considerable support, for having the decision overturned. In addition, the organization has assembled an elite collaboration with dozens of campaign-finance groups.


Facing an enormous uphill battle, End Citizens United has met every challenge to achieve its mission. The PAC has been able to reach millions of voters to leverage their individual strengths, and they have defeated many obstacles designed to hinder their efforts.


End Citizens United has made the task of ending the disastrous effects of the Citizens United decision appear effortlessly; a task that voters believe is on the right side of the political process. In an unprecedented grass roots cause, End Citizens United has made reforming campaign finance a very reachable goal.