A Visit To Kim Dao’s Japanese Apartment

Kim Dao released a video where she shows what her old apartment in Tokyo, Japan was like. The apartment, like many in Japan, is really rather small and also expensive. She chose this apartment in part because it came fully furnished. She chose to move out because it wasn’t in a good location and because of the rent amount.

The first thing you come across when you go through the door is the mailbox, and the area to put your shoes. Kim Dao also had a little storage area to hold things like towels, shower caps, and a hair dryer.

She had a very small room that held her washing machine as well as the vacuum cleaner that Kim Dao owns. The nearby bathroom is also very small, but does at least have space for a tub. The toilet is in a smaller, nearby room.

The kitchen that Kim Dao had in this apartment, much like all the other rooms, is small with little storage room. For some items like pots and pans she needed to hang them from the walls.

Her bedroom includes a bed, a coffee table, desk, and large dresser. She does have one window in the bedroom which looks over the quiet neighborhood that Kim Dao lived in. She also has a dresser which includes tons of makeup filling the top and drawers as well as hair accessories and other fashion items. She says even though every room in the apartment was small it was decent for a single person.

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