Beautfiful EOS lips

The reviews are in for EOS lip balm! First of all to know why a lip balm works you have to know the ingredients that are in it. This first ingredient which soaks and seeps into the skin and lip the most is olive oil. Then there is beeswax, coconut oil, seed oil, natural flavoring, fruit extract ( for whatever flavor it is )leaf extract, ethanol, its packed with antioxidant rich vitamin E, and has soothing shea butter and jojoba oil( which is an oil that mimics your skins natural oils). This balm is one 100% natural. Its also paraben and petrolatum free. It even has a USD organic seal for being 95% organic. This formula is great for sensitive skin and the balm is gluten free for people who have gluten problems. Its even made in the U.S.A.

The next thing that’s important is the packaging its creative, really cute fun and unique. You can get EOS in a regular lip balm container but you get a really fun egg shaped one that you can just simply throw I your purse and go when in a rush. The packaging is made in an egg shape because its supposed to cover both parts of the lip top and bottom. Also the coloring of the package depends on the flavor you get. When applied the balm sinks into the lip and skin moisturizing every possible angle of your lips. You have to re apply the balm a bit more often but the results are amazing with soft lush lips toward the end of the day. This balm keeps lips from cracking or peeling in the sun, while being amazing for the skin and keeping lips ,soft, perky,and moisturized ,with a creative packaging idea and a lot of flavors to choose from.

Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner and Serial Entrepreneur

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs not only in UAE but also globally. Sajwani owns and runs DAMAC Properties a firm that deals with property development. The real estate firm according to Forbes is one of the fastest growing companies in the Middle East region and globally. The DAMAC owner in 2018 featured in the Forbes list of world richest Arabs and was ranked at number four with an estimated net worth of 4.1 billion dollars.

Hussain Sajwani’s life history is that of a man has worked his way out from grass to grace. Sajwani had humble beginnings. His father was a trader who sold items like watches, shirts, and imports from China. Hussain Sajwani was an intelligent boy who performed exceptionally well in school and as a result, received a government scholarship to go and study in the United States of America. Sajwani interests were in engineering and economics which he pursued when he joined the University of Washington.

The DAMAC owner immediately after graduating relocated from the US to his home country where he participated in nation building working in Abu Dhabi Gas industries as a finance officer in 1981. Sajwani after working in the formal sector for two years called it quit and ventured into entrepreneurship. Sajwani started a catering business that is still operational under the name Global Logistics. The catering business from small beginnings has grown over the years and today boasts of serving more than 150,000 meals in a day and running more than 200 projects globally. The catering business clients include the US military personnel in the Middle East and Bechtel among others.

The DAMAC owner owing to increased demand in housing and luxury apartment, in 2002 established DAMAC Properties. The real estate company has grown to be one of the biggest real estate firms in UAE that boasts of developing more than 20,000 luxury apartments including 44,000 units that is still under construction and provides employment to more than 2000 people. Real estate entrepreneur Sajwani as part of his expansion strategy is planning to expand his business interests to China. China is one of the countries in the world with a strong economy and a growing middle-class. These qualities make China a good investment hub for investors like Sajwani.

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Investing wisely by Paul Mampilly

In the fourth quarter of the year, Americans are out spending their money. It is estimated that about two-thirds of the GDP comes from consumer spending. So, the amount that is pent in a country has a significant say about the growth or decline of the economy. A lot has been said about best investments idea, and we need to be keen on making sure that all the information we get is reliable. There is a lot of misguiding information out there that cannot be depended upon by those who would like to make good investments. To be a successful  investor, you need to have the right people by your side.

If you are a retail investor, the markets can be very hard on you, but if you follow the right professional investors, you will spot the difference.Paul Mampilly is one of the people who have made a huge difference in the lives of many investors who would have struggled to make a difference in their lives if they were doing it alone. Paul Mampilly has been doing well as an expert investor, and he is using that opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people he is working with. For two decades, he was working in the Wall Street, but it got to a point where he felt there was a need to make some changes. He felt that he was only helping those who already had the money.

In Wall Street, he was working for the millionaires while a majority of the people who needed his help were suffering in the cold with no one to offer them support.Paul Mampilly left Wall Street at the age of 42 years and embarked on the process of making sure that there was sufficient information out there in the community. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor.Paul started working with the people and showing them the direction they should take so that they could live a better financial life. Through the Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly is managing the production of investment materials. He is the author of various investment publications one of them being the Profits Unlimited an investment newsletter.

Todd Levine: Complex Litigation 10 Years After The Great Recession

Commercial litigation is often riddled with complicated procedures and an ever-changing landscape, so we sought out one of Miami’s best commercial litigators. Introducing attorney Todd Levine, a highly Succesful and knowledgeable attorney with a strong focus on commercial real estate litigation. Todd Levine is also the founding member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine. Levine, however, doesn’t just defend one sector of the real estate market, his expertise drives him to whoever needs aid, from lenders, to buyers, sellers, institutions and the list goes on. We sat with Todd Levine to better understand the changing landscape of litigation over the past ten years.


What has the great recession changed in complex commercial litigation?


Levine comments that litigations where present prior to the recession and afterward, the only thing that changed was the subject of that dispute. After the recession, many where disputing about who got what was left, Today during a strong upward trend of the economy we see people and their attorney aiming to receive a larger portion of the profits being created.


How has technology impacted your current litigation methods and outcomes?


Innovation in technology has been nothing but good to attorneys, the ease of pulling out a document instead of going through hundreds of files has saved an incredible amount of time and money, both for law firms and clients alike. Todd Levine adds that although innovation will continue, computer automation will never replace the knowledge and work ethic of real humans, in fact, I doubt that any jury will want to sit there and listen to two computers argue back and forth.


We understand you like music, how has that improved your life in complex litigation?


Levine states that music has always been a part of his life, in fact, he has been playing the guitar and keyboard since he was 10 years old. Levine attributes his creativeness and out of the box thinking to his love of music.

Gareth Henry’s Extensive Career And Pearls Of Wisdom

An investor of invaluable insight and substantial experience, Gareth Henry is well-thought-of in the private credit investing industry. Though this domain is not without its challenges, Henry thrives in situations that demand calculated approaches and deductive reasoning. What’s more, Henry’s knack for financial affairs manifested at a young age, prompting him to develop a keen understanding of the vast realm of finance. Moreover, Henry maintains that finance and mathematics have always excited him, and since gaining knowledge of economics and risk management, he’s “been hooked.” Like any sound businessman, Henry continues to hone his skills for the sake of diversifying his capabilities.

Though Gareth Henry is currently known for his works at Fortress Investments, Gareth Henry’s a man of immense experience. SEI Investments, Angelo Gordon, and Schroders are some investment firms Henry’s worked for. During his stints at these industries, Henry amassed a wealth of information on the dynamics of his trade. As such, he became versed in fixed income product lines, fixed income credit, private equity lines of business, and hedge fund investments. Henry’s expertise in these fields enabled him to propel to the forefront of his domain. Also, it earned him the title of Head of International Investor Relations.

Gareth Henry attributes his ongoing prosperity to one overarching business tactic: soliciting feedback from others. Henry maintains that varying perspectives are the linchpin of “understanding internal and external information.” Above all else, Henry believes that garnering subjective insight is conducive to growth. Since implementing this procedure, Henry’s career has skyrocketed. Henry also places emphasis on understanding a client’s needs. According to Henry, “constantly talking with clients is very important.” If not for Henry’s steadfast devotion, Henry likely wouldn’t be so esteemed by the individuals he serves. As the private credit investing domain progresses, Gareth Henry hopes to evolve with it.

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Stream Energy

Stream Energy helped those in need after Hurricane Harvey, they enjoy giving back to the community. Those who work at Stream Energy feel that it is in their DNA to help others in need. They started a foundation called “Stream Cares” to make it official. The company has been helping those in need for twelve years. Stream Cares is unique because it shares a portion of Stream Energy gains toward charity works. This is a fairly new idea for corporations to form a separate foundation and share social responsibility across the country. They are partnering with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross to further their presence in the community. They also teamed up with Hope Supply Co., a non-profit organization dedicated to giving diapers and other critical needs to homeless children. They sponsor a yearly event called Splash for Hope, where they raise money for homeless children and give them a day at the waterpark and a pair of flip flops and a lunch.

For the last twelve years with pride Stream Cares has worked alongside other similar organizations to give back and support their communities. They help support the brave men and women veterans in need and Operation Once in a Lifetime. Moving forward, they want to concentrate on helping the big problem of homelessness in our country. The number of homeless people is impossible to ignore. The city of Dallas Texas alone has 3,900 homeless people, up 24% since 2015. In the whole United States there are 560,000 homeless people and 8% of those are veterans. Stream Cares has ongoing programs and incentives for those who wish to help and give in any way possible.

Stream Energy is an energy company and so much more. They are the company with the biggest heart in Texas! Through direct sales they offer corporate, residential, electrical, gas, wireless and protective services. Stream Energy was started in 2005 and has since expanded its services in Texas, Georgia, and parts of the Northeast. They are now available in seven states.

Robert Ivy: The Versatile Leader With Style

Professional societies play a major role in bridging the knowledge gaps in the professional world that the school training and on the job training does not offer. The perks of joining a professional organization include getting chances to network with people in the same field, gaining access to educational programs and the chance to build credibility through competing for award in the industry and taking on different leadership opportunities.

The professional associations always provide information to benefit their members through newsletters, webinars and on their websites. This information is crucial for members of the association especially those who are new to the professions. Annual conferences hosted by professional organizations bring together workers which enables the workers to meet their peers and leaders. Such conferences often result in informal connections that help the members of the organization to learn more about job opportunities within the organization. Find out more about Robert on Tulane School of Architecture.

According to Robert Ivy, executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects, architects may be small in number but they still have a strong voice. He states that Architects have an advocacy organization that was able to affect the tax legislation. Robert Ivy is a renowned architect and he is also the first one to win the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.

Some industries believe that being a member of an organization provides credibility. Membership in a professional organization is an indicator of one’s commitment to the profession and allows one to keep up to date with new developments in the profession. Robert Ivy believes that the code of ethics in the AIA holds the members accountable and guides the members to uphold values that the organization stands for.

The professional association that one chooses to join is very important for the development of one’s career path. Some workers may benefit by joining more than one association as it is dependent on the job functions and the industry. Robert Ivy who is an architect, author, editor and a teacher of the architectural profession has had several leadership roles in different professional associations. This includes being an editor in chief for Architectural record and Vice President .  Visit:  


Shaping Of the Modern Man With Ryan Seacrest

Most everyone today is familiar with Ryan Seacrest, but the man behind the scenes may come as a surprise. From hosting and co-hosting shows and podcasts such as American Idol, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and On Air with Ryan, to designing clothing and skincare products for his Distinction and Polish lines, there’s no denying that he’s a busy man. He’s even managed to find the time to create the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which dedicates its efforts to inspiring youth with entertainment and education initiatives. How does one maintain under such public scrutiny and high demand though?

For radio show host Ryan Seacrest, it’s all about compartmentalizing and prioritizing. From the smallest detail, to sealing the deal, all must coincide and complement throughout the day. Prepping for his morning training session requires a strict balance of matcha and coffee, after the usual morning shower, shave, etc. These days Seacrest finds himself more upfront about his training habits, which he used to perform in secret during his lunch breaks. He says there was a level of guilt over the fact that this time in which he dedicated to personal health fell within business hours. These days he has come to terms with his heavy workout routine being an essential component for his success, going as far as hiring and bringing a personal trainer along with him to the Bahamas for a taping of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Another part of producer Ryan Seacrest’s secret to daily success is to know limits while working within constraints, and being consistent in conversational exchanges. Learning how to discipline himself to place everything within its respective ranking in queue has taken some time, but it appears he’s worked out the kinks. Instead of upholding the mentality that everything must be addressed in the order in which it came immediately, he’s now setting the afternoons for such matters that require a bit more strategic planning for the long term, like interview requests. Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) also credits successfully communication based off his use of the three magic words, “Yes” and “Got it.”

Alastair Borthwick Life as a Journalist

Alastair Borthwick was born in February 1913 in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, and grew in the Ayrshire Coastal town of Troon. Immediately after leaving Glasgow High School at the age of 16 years, he became a telephone boy with the Glasgow Evening Herald, recording the responses from the callers. He then received a promotion to be an editor and a writer of the Glasgow Weekly Herald; a 28 pages article written by five writers. Borthwick dealt with writing and editing Children’s Page, Film Reviews, Readers’ Queries, Readers’ Letters, and Women’s Page.

Borthwick was a Scottish author and journalist whose articles led to the promotion of a mountain hiking. While working in the Glasgow Borthwick, he mentored many employed and unemployed people through his article about the mountain climbing and hiking in Scotland. He also narrated and gave the importance of mountain hiking in his article ‘Always Little Further.’ He stressed, depicted and treasured the time of the social change among Scotlands. He used interesting, funny, entertaining means to describe different enjoyments and what one would gain during the hills hiking.

Borthwick worked in British Army divisions in Sicily, Western Europe, and North Africa during the Second World War. He served as an Intelligence Officer and later as the captain. He was promoted to be a Reconnaissance Corps on 14 January 1941. Also, he worked with the 5th Seaforth Highlanders in 1944, in addition to leading the battalion to conquer their enemies. After the war, he wrote the book ‘San Peur,’ which covers the history about his encounters and the Seaforth Highlanders during the Second World War. At one time, the Germans noticed that the Seaforths were dug behind them, only one and a half miles next to where they had positioned their soldiers. Borthwick as their leader admitted that he had pulled off navigation.

In his career as a journalist, Borthwick worked in different media whereby he focused on radio and television broadcasting, in addition to writing, editing and presenting programmes. According to Borthwick while addressing the producer James Ferguson, he had been hiking during the weekends. In 1952 New Year Honors, he won an appointment as the Officer of the Order of British Empire (OBE).

Great entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is known to be a global entrepreneur and a Brazilian hotelier. He is known to have established CVC Brasil Operadora. Paulus also runs the GJP Hotels and Resorts. In his country, Brazil, he is ranked among the leading persuasive persons. He got his first job in IBM where he held an intern position. Guilherme opened his first hotel in 1995. The employees of GJP Hotels and Resort are more than 50,000 in number in more than its 20 hotels and resorts.

Guilherme explained that Carlos Vicente Cerchiari is the one who came up with the idea of starting CVC and by that time Carlos was the state deputy. Guilherme Paulus met with Carlos Vicente for the first time in a ship tour where they discussed about Carlos’ interest in opening a tourism business in Santo Andre. At that time, Paulus resided in Santo Andre. After their discussion, they decided to combine efforts where Paulus brought in workforce and Carlos contributed capital for the investment.

During the initial period of their project, Guilherme was an employee in Casa Faro. They opened their first store in a small street near the exit door of a cinema. They choose this position as they believed it would attract a huge number of people. Paulus partnered with Carlos for four years after which they split. Guilherme Paulus is positive minded and begins his week by making plans for the rest of the week so that to enhance order and productivity. Paulus appreciates the advancement in technology as it has helped improve communication as well as making it easy to track market trends. Revista elege Guilherme Paulus como empreendedor do ano.

He explains that being physically present in many of his hotels makes him have a better understanding of the happenings and what needs to be improved. Guilherme Paulus also believes that interacting with workers and clients face to face increases productivity. He advocates for listening from those who are ahead or at a higher level. Paulus encourages other entrepreneurs to love what they do and to put the needs of their customers’ first place. He likes a book written by Og Mandino entitled The Greatest Salesman in the World.

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